Nastaliq v3.08 (Unicode Font)

The Nastaliq font (version 3/08) has made significant improvements to the art of nastaliq calligraphy. It has corrected the geometric shapes of letters, the spacing between letters, and the positioning of dots and diacritical marks. This font is also compatible with the latest text and graphic editors applications.

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After nearly 10 years have passed since the publication of the last edition of IranNastaliq (2nd edition), by spending several months of research and design, we were able to revise its 3rd edition by applying the fundamental corrections of nastaleeq calligraphy art in the geometric shapes of letters, the distances between letters, as well as correcting the placement of dots and Arabs.

Also, we made it compatible with the latest versions of text editors (such as: MS-Word) and graphics editors (such as: Photoshop and Illustrator), and published it in public.

Updating Nastaliq font (ver. 3.xx)

Of course, we have not reached the maximum quality of this font in the current writing, so the release of future revisions will be among our priorities.

All upcoming revisions would be offered to the legal buyers for one year, free of charge!

Downloading Nastaliq

After completing the purchase process, the downloading link of Nastaliq font (newest revision) will be provided to you by following couple of ways:

1- An email containing the Bill, will be sent to you along with the Nastaliq font download link. (see image 1)

2- By logging in to site and visit My Account » Downloads page and find the download link (see image 2)

The Nastaliq download link will be active for one year from the purchase date.

Note, due to your browser security settings, your browser may prevent to download the given file.

In this case you could: 1) use another browser, 2) set your browser setting to lower secure, 3) use the “Save link as…” option when right clicking on the given link.

Terms of Use

This Nastaliq font has been designed and optimized for direct typing in text and graphic editor programs under Windows operating system from Win7 to Win11 and based on two standard Persian keyboards.

By using this font, you could type complete Persian and Arabic (along with all Arabs).


In order to respect the producer’s rights and support the development of the Nastaliq font, please refrain from publishing it publicly or sharing it with others.

Note that the production team, while reserving the right to pursue legal action for themselves, will refrain from providing support services, as well as sending future updates to the offending users.

Some New Fixes


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