Changes of Technological Tools in Nastaliq

Published at 3 months ago

The ability of Nastaliq in both modern and ­ traditional “casting”

Technology, with the creation of attractive computer effects, has, to a certain extent, replaced the apparent beauty of the intrinsic and spiritual beauty, and on the other hand, in response to the large volume of society’s needs for calligraphy like Nastaliq, two categories of “speed in writing” and “identical writing” which is the guarantor of the preservation and survival of the line (script), is located in front of the uniformity (monotony) of writing.

From the aspects of technology exposure with the most important tool of traditional calligraphy – that is pen (font) and its functions are identical writing, writing speed and uniformity.

The true sanctity of calligraphy and everything that has spiritual body placed in the space and place of paper and pen (font). Therefore, there are clear differences between the traditional calligraphic work by calligraphist artist who has worked for many years and the work produced by the computer.

But given the fact that new phenomena such as technology in the form of calligraphic software are based on traditions, and because every entity tends to stay and live, modern and traditional phenomena can live along with each other and the art of calligraphy has the ability to be casted in both modern and traditional “casting”.

It is possible to point out the connection between technology and the Nastaliq line (script), which has been the special Iranian art of the past, so far. The Nastaliq line (script) has come to the virtual world where speed and accuracy have led to the generalization of examples of the Nastaliq line (script) in the social realm.

The existence of computer software systems such as the “Kelk” (editor software based on Abbas Akhavin’s line [script]) and the Chalipa and Miremad editor softwares (based on the Amir Ahamad Falsafi’s line [script]) have resulted in a considerable number of calligraphic issues done without the presence of calligraphers and the conditions and atmosphere of creation of the work traditionally. Of course, while reducing calligraphy orders, it has facilitated and expanded the use of usage patterns (Teimoori, 2010, p.94).

The technological tool in its particular sense is used in this research, and includes the range of computers and software and fonts that can be used to write traditional lines (scripts).

Different Forms of Letter HE in Nastaliq

Different Forms of Letter HE in Nastaliq

Different Forms of Letter HE in IranNastaliq font

Different Forms of Letter HE in IranNastaliq font

Text by: Hoda Kaspour